TotM June 2015

This month's Tank of the Month belongs to Daniel Tai!

  • * Albino corydoras
  • * Guppies
  • * Black Widow Tetras

How big is your tank?
2 foot, 60 Litre

What equipment are you using (filtration, lighting, heater, CO2 gear etc)?
Iím using 2 hang on filters, one for biological and one for mechanical filtration. I use a 50W heater, having the temperature set at 24-26 degrees. For the plants, I use 12W lighting, Flourish excel for CO2, and Excel for nutrients.

What aquascaping have you done (gravel, plants, corals, etc)?
In the background I have myriophyllum linnatum and lilaeopsis. I have an anubus on driftwood for the centre piece, and in the foreground I have crypts and HC baby tears. I have also frogbits on the top to give my fish some cover. Furthermore, I have tied java moss on my driftwood and fish ornaments to give them a more natural look. For the gravel, I have used black silica gravel, with clear glass beads mixed in.

How much time do you spend maintaining your tank per week?
I do a major maintenance on my fish tank on the weekend, spending 2-3 hours trimming my plants, replanting, changing 30% of my water, vacuuming the gravels, testing the water conditions (PH, Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites) and cleaning the glass. With the filter, I do maintenance on it once a month. However, if itís not clogged I try not to clean it as much to keep the live bacteria. On a daily basis, I feed my fish 3 times a day, add Excel and Excel Flourish.

What do you feed the inhabitants of your tank?
I feed my fish 3 times daily, small amounts to ensure I donít overfeed. My core food source is Nutrafin Max Tropical Colour Enhancing Flakes, and every 2nd day I will feed them live black worms. Also, on a weekly basis I feed my fish boiled zucchini and keep the uneaten zucchini in the freezer. Occasionally I will feed them mosquito larvae.

Tell us some interesting/unique about your tank?
I am an amateur at fish keeping, and started this hobby 3 months ago. Corburg Aquariumís tank has helped inspire the aquascape of my tank. I have beginner plants and fish and I believe everyone with a bit of time can join in this hobby. It is an endless source of enjoyment and I love waking up each morning to view my tank before I go to work.


If you'd like to be our next Tank of the Month winner, please email photos or youtube videos with a brief description of your tank, and the species being kept to online@coburgaquarium.com.au. The winner receives a $50 gift voucher that can be spent in-store or on-line. Good luck!