TotM December 2015

This month's Tank of the Month belongs to Jeppe Sieling!

  • * White Clouds
  • * Zebra Danios
  • * Black Widow Tetras
  • * 1 Nymph
  • * 1 Black Moor
  • * Snails

How big is your tank?
It's a 60L tank with inbuilt filter and lighting in the lid.

What equipment are you using (filtration, lighting, heater, CO2 gear etc)?

  • Eheim heater
  • Nautilus canister
  • Air stones/air lines
  • T5 lights
  • Digital Thermometer

What aquascaping have you done (gravel, plants, corals, etc)?
I've used white medium sized gravel, and a mix of live and fake plants. Added a sunken ship, a big white shell & a fake rock.

How much time do you spend maintaining your tank per week?
I spend approx an hour every weekend changing the water and cleaning the filter.

What do you feed the inhabitants of your tank?
I'm mostly feeding them (tropical) flakes, and once a week they get frozen blood worms after changing the water. As a treat.

Tell us some interesting/unique about your tank?
I originally got this tank for my toddler to look at as we can't have other pets where we live, but we've all fallen in love with it. Myself & my wife even have the occasional date night sitting on the floor in front of the tank sharing a bottle of red & just watching the fish do their thing.


If you'd like to be our next Tank of the Month winner, please email photos or youtube videos with a brief description of your tank, and the species being kept to online@coburgaquarium.com.au. The winner receives a $50 gift voucher that can be spent in-store or on-line. Good luck!