TotM January 2016

This month's Tank of the Month belongs to Ashir Kerbatieh!

  • * 30 neon tetras
  • * 7 rummynose tetras
  • * 1 blue ram
  • * 3 congo tetras
  • * 4 blue platies
  • * 2 honey gouramis
  • * 3 silver sharks
  • * 2 clown loaches
  • * 2 phantom glass catfish
  • * 3 black widow tetras

How big is your tank?
My tank is an aqua-one AR-980 with a volume of 215 litres.

What equipment are you using (filtration, lighting, heater, CO2 gear etc)?
My filtration system is built in the tank, it contains noodles and carbon cartridges. I have two T8 light bulbs, one aqua-glo and one power-glo. I have an aqua-one 200W heater.

What aquascaping have you done (gravel, plants, corals, etc)?
I have a white, fine sand-like substrate with many natural looking ornaments, one of my ornaments is covered in java moss, which is also growing around it. I also have a banana lilly thriving in the front of my tank, with five lilies on the surface of the water. I have a fake wooden bridge as well as three small caves on the substrate.

How much time do you spend maintaining your tank per week?
Doing water changes and cleaning filter media as well as cleaning algae and sand, I spend about 2-3 hours a week.

What do you feed the inhabitants of your tank?
I feed a mix of frozen brine shrimp, frozen blood worms, and I also use Sera Vipagran Tropical Granules.

Tell us some interesting/unique about your tank?
It features many different colours and sets the perfect mood for any activity, like homework, reading, or just to watch the fish thrive in their tank!


If you'd like to be our next Tank of the Month winner, please email photos or youtube videos with a brief description of your tank, and the species being kept to online@coburgaquarium.com.au. The winner receives a $50 gift voucher that can be spent in-store or on-line. Good luck!