TotM February 2016

This month's Tank of the Month belongs to Neo Feliciano!

  • * 2 Clownfish
  • * 2 Firefish
  • * 1 Pygmy Yellowtail Angelfish

How big is your tank?
My tank is a rimless 60x30 cm.

What equipment are you using (filtration, lighting, heater, CO2 gear etc)?
Filter: Eheim 2213 canister filter containing ceramic noodles, ceramic balls and GFO, the output connected to a lily pipe.
Heater: Eheim 100 watt.
Light: Dymax Rex series Flouro.
Circulating pump: Eheim compact in a zeolite container.
Nutrient export: Chaeto balls and codium fragil algae.

What aquascaping have you done (gravel, plants, corals, etc)?
The base of the aquarium is sculpted round volcanic rock to protect my pets and also they are fairly large to host nitrifying bacteria. A fair amount of live rock sits atop to provide nooks and crannies for the fish inhabit. Soft corals include Hammer, Torch, Bubble, Xenia and a Palythoa colony.

How much time do you spend maintaining your tank per week?
I stir the zeolite bed and clean the glass every 3 days. I do a 50% water change every fortnight and the usual RO water top up every 2 days for water evaporation compensation.

What do you feed the inhabitants of your tank?
Hikari pellets, Spectrum pellets and frozen mysis shrimp.

Tell us some interesting/unique about your tank?
I had the tank set up beside my desk so my pets keep me company while I'm busy. Great way for me to relax my eyes from computer glare. What is unique about my 8 month old tank is it is easy to maintain. I do not test my water but with the fortnightly 50% water change, the corals are flourishing and my pets are happy.


If you'd like to be our next Tank of the Month winner, please email photos or youtube videos with a brief description of your tank, and the species being kept to online@coburgaquarium.com.au. The winner receives a $50 gift voucher that can be spent in-store or on-line. Good luck!