The preformed ponds of this line are extremely easy to unfold. Due to the flexibility of the rubber compound and the rigidity of the plastic compound, the ponds are also much more resistant against breakage and wear while still remaining very flexible. All the ponds are manufactures with recycled materials. They can withstand extreme temperatures from -18C to +40C. In the box there are all the components to install a very professional pond: the pond shell, the streamlet, the pump with tubes and nozzles for water plays (Sicce Syncra Pond pump) and a 100% submersible light provided with 3 coloured lenses (Sicce Halley Light) and all necessary accessories and instructions to create a quick and easy pond of superior quality! It is available in 5 different sizes. The Happy Pond kit 1 features a 680L pond shell, the Syncra Pond 3.0 (2.400 l/h) and all the accessories needed to get started.