An interesting pet for an unheated tank. Ensure a tight fitting lid is used, and provide lots of hiding places if more than one Yabby is kept in the same tank as they are very territorial.

Yabbies are not recommended to be kept with fish as they may kill and eat them. They may be destructive towards plants as they are omnivores and may eat them.

Yabbies do best in cool-warm tanks (18-24°c) and are best kept alone. More than one Yabby may coexist if there are enough hiding spots, space and food. 

Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

  • Keeping Difficulty : Beginner
  • Temperament : Territorial towards own kind
  • Max Size : 12-16cm

Preferred Water Parameters :

  • Water Temperature : 8-23 degrees celsius.
  • pH Level : 7.0-7.8
  • General Hardness : Soft - Moderate - Hard (50 - 100ppm)