Most Barbs are small, colourful and active. Some Barbs such as Tiger Barbs are very active and are best kept in a group of at least 4-6 fish to provide a lively display, as well as to minimise potential fin-nipping of slow-moving tank mates. Smaller Barbs such as Cherry and Checker Barbs are very peaceful and are perfect for planted community tanks.
Coburg Aquarium

Cherry Barb Special (3 for $10)

Size : 2.5-3cm
Coburg Aquarium

Cherry Barb

Size : 3-5cm
Coburg Aquarium

Rosy Barb

Size : 4-5cm
Coburg Aquarium

Black Spot Red Fin Barb

Size : 4-6cm
Coburg Aquarium

Albino Tinfoil Barb

Size : 5-8cm
Coburg Aquarium

Tinfoil Barb

Size : 3-4cm