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Each Australian State and Territory has its own listing of noxious or prohibited aquatic species. Whilst we have listed many of these restrictions in our species descriptions, it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure you are complying with regulations in your state or territory.

In the near future we are intending to expand our shipping destinations. If you have any questions please contact us at

Yes. Our couriers are instructed to leave your order at your front door if you are not at home, unless specified otherwise. Our Livestock Guarantee will be voided if you are not at the premises to receive the order.

Requests for males, females or pairs etc can not normally be fulfilled. Many species may either be too difficult to sex accurately (too young to start showing sexual differentiation, minimal characteristics to determine the fish's sex). The best way of obtaining a pair is to order a small group of that fish. Particular colours can not normally be ordered, but they can sometimes be pre-ordered. Please contact with your query regarding special requests, or add a note (e.g. pair if possible) into the special comments on your order.

Unfortunately it is not possible for couriers to advise you a delivery time for your consignment.

This is a heat pack which is used to help stabilize the temperature within the box during colder months. It is not reusable, discard it after unpacking your fish.

Sizes of fish on sale can depend on variables such as whether the fish are wild caught, or if they are in season. Some species have quite noticeable size difference between the sexes (eg male Endler Guppies and female Apistogramma grow to about half the size of their partners). Fish are measured from the tip of the nose to tip of the tail. If you believe you have been sent undersized fish, please take a photo of the fish lying against a ruler and send your query to . We will provide a price adjustment and store credit if indeed the wrong sized fish was sent.

After traveling for 24-48 hours, many fishes take a day or two to settle into their new home and to start to show their natural colours. Please note the images on our website are examples to give you an indication of what the species can look like. We are gradually building up a range of photos of each species, to show you the variations within a species, depending on its age, mood or sex. For example, in species such as Cichlids and Rainbowfishes, adults can look quite different compared to juveniles. If after several days you still believe you were sent the wrong fish, please take a photograph of the fish and e-mail it to We will then check the identity and provide a store credit if indeed the wrong fish was sent.