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L333 Hypancistrus sp. Pleco, also known as a King Tiger Pleco is an ideal species for the small to medium community aquarium. These fish are an unusual and beautiful fish not as readily available as other plecos, thus, the higher price tag. 

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Features of L333 Hypancistrus sp. Pleco:

  • They have alternating maze like stripes of white or yellow and black
  • The eyes are large and bulbous and giving the fish a unique look
  • The L333 Hypancistrus sp. Pleco has a set of large rayed fins
  • Grows to 10cm
  • Best suited for intermediate aquarists
  • Lifespan of 10 years or more


Best Aquarium Size for L333 Hypancistrus sp. Pleco:

L333 Hypancistrus sp. Pleco can do well in a tank of 75L or larger. However, it depends on the size of your pelco. Also, if you want to set up a community tank, you have to increase the tank size. 

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

L333 Hypancistrus sp. Pleco can be kept in community tanks. Do not add larger or more active bottom-dwellers. Because of the passive nature of the L333 Hypancistrus sp. Pleco, it’s often out-competed for food.

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Feeding :

L333 Hypancistrus sp. Pleco's are omnivores and do best on a high-protein diet. Offer them a steady diet of algae wafers and frozen or live foods such as bloodworms to meet their nutritional requirements.

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Pleco Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

A good filtration system is necessary. Known to be heavy waste producers, an efficient filtration system will ensure a clean aquarium. Make sure the filter matches with your tank size.

Here are some great ones to consider:

Air Pumps or Bladders

Air pumps or bladders are recommended. L333 Hypancistrus sp. Pleco's like a stronger current and high oxygenation, so make sure the filter’s outlet can meet that need. You can search for an ideal Pump for your tank in our online shop.

Plants for Plecos

There are no strict cultivars that these fish prefer. So, get creative and add a variety of plants that fit this environment.

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Decorations for Plecos

You may put some driftwood, rock caves, terra cotta spots or tubes in the aquarium. They love staying hidden in holes. Driftwood is essential as they are known to feed on wood to help improve digestion.

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Install a safe aquarium lighting system inside so that you can keep an eye on the fish when feeding them. Sufficient light is also important for the growth of your live plants.


Sand is the preferred substrate because it’s closer to what’s found in the wild and is less abrasive on their bellies. 

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