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Aqua One Light Bulb PL-18W Mix Sunlight/Tropical combines the best of two light spectrums. One half of the light tube is sunlight and the other half is a tropical light Sunlight Lamps recreate the natural light spectrum of the Sun.

These lamps emit a refreshing natural white light. Sunlight Lamps brighten the world inside aquariums and terrariums plants thrive, fish look better where their colours appear more vivid and attractive in natural light.

Tropical Lamps emit more of the blue and the red light spectrum. It is designed to parallel the optimum wavelengths required by plants for photosynthesis. This produces and stimulates lush plant growth in aquatic and terrestrial plants. Tropical lamps also intensify the natural beauty of goldfish and tropical fish as heightening the overall effect of the aquarium or terrarium.

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