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Shop the best selection of online freshwater tropical aquarium fish. We are experts at shipping live fish across Australia. Shop and buy fish online with comfort, knowing that your new aquatic pet will arrive to you safely and promptly. As one of Melbourne's premier pet fish shops, we offer one of the widest ranges of live online fish. Stock levels are changing frequently so please contact our friendly staff for any questions you might have. We also offer a wide variety of live aquarium plants for your new pet fish to enjoy.
Coburg Aquarium

Snail - Red Ramshorn

Coburg Aquarium

Mystery Snail - Gold

from $1.25
Coburg Aquarium

Mystery Snail - Tort

from $3.95
Coburg Aquarium

Mussel Freshwater

from $5.95
Coburg Aquarium

Mystery Snail - Blue - Special 3 for $50

Coburg Aquarium

Mystery Snail - Blue