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Firemouth Cichlid is an amazing freshwater fish you could add into your tropical aquarium. They have stunning colorful apperance, easy to care for, and peaceful. But They may very territorial and bring a fiery flair to your tank. Firemouths are one of the 'old favourites' of the American Cichlids. Mature fish are quite impressive with their red throats, adults flare out their gills and throat to intimidate rivals or intruders. Do not forget to provide them some hiding places in the Aquarium. Buy Live Fish online with Coburg Aquarium in Australia

Please Note: Livestock and Live Plants cannot be shipped to WA and TAS due to State Restrictions. All other states are OK.

Features of Firemouth Cichlid:

  • The Firemouth Cichlid (Thorichthys meeki), is a member of the Cichlidae family and is found in the rivers of Central America
  • Heads and bodies have a grey to blue-olive coloration, dark lateral bars along the sides. Males tend to have a brighter red-orange coloration, and their fin rays are usually somewhat longer than the females
  • They spend most of their time in the lower or mid-section of the river
  • The average lifespan is: 8-10 years


Firemouth Cichlids: Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Firemouth Cichlids:

Firemouth prefers larger tanks with more space; this helps them carve out separate territories. The minimum tank size should be 120L.

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Firemouth Cichlid Tank Mate Compatibility:

Firemouth can stay well with a number of other fish if you have a large enough tank. Their tank mates could be similiar sized, and peaceful fish. Here are some good Firemouth Cichlid tank mates to consider:

Firemouth Cichlid Food :

A varied diet is a key part of their health. Firemouth do fine with any high-quality flake or pellet foods as their diet. Adding in some protein-rich snacks like brine shrimp or bloodworms is a great way to provide additional nutrition. Some good commercial food brands for this fish:

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Firemouth Cichlid Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

They need good water movement along with an efficient filtration. Here are some great brands to consider:

Power head Brands:

Aquarium Heater

The aquarium should be heated, depending on your area’s climate. Install an aquarium heater if necessary.

Aquatic Plants

Aquarium plants can help providing a shelter for Firemouth cichlid. You can be more creative to design a nice home for them. Hardy Aquarium plants like SwordplantAnubiasNeedle Leaf Java Fern, Java fern are good ones in your aquarium. Buy our live Aquarium plants Online Click Here

Aquarium Decorations

Firemouth cichlids are not schooling fish and prefer to establish their own territory. Provide them with places to hide is necessary. Rocks, Pots, Aquarium decor and driftwood are all welcome additions to their habitat. Ideal Ornaments for your tank:

Aquarium Substrate

A sandy is good choice for them.

A variety of Substrates are available at Coburg Aquarium.

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Aquarium Set-up Service:

Our design team enables us to create the tank you desire, install your tank where you wish to and provide a maintenance service to ensure everything runs smoothly. We can create almost any aquarium from the small home aquarium to large commercial aquariums. Please contact us if you need any custom tank services.

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