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Blue Planet Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets is a treatment for flukes and tapeworms in ornamental fish. BP Fluke & Tapeworm Tablets have been developed specifically for in water medication of fresh and saltwater fish. The tablets have been specifically formulated with inert excipients to prevent pollution of aquariums. The tablets dissolve rapidly, releasing 95% of the active (praziquantel) within 10 minutes. Praziquantel has been known to effectively control flukes and tapeworm in ornamental fish for a number of years. However, the only products available were formulated for treatment of tapeworm in Dogs (Droncit, 50mg Praziquantel) and posed problems with polluting excipients and high cost of treatment when used in aquariums. FLUKES (Monogenetic trematodes) are common parasites of freshwater and marine fishes. Many hundred species are known, the most common groups being, Dactylogyrids (parasitising gills) and Gyrodactylids (parasitising gills, skin and fins). Dactylogyrids known as Gill Flukes, commonly infest all species of ornamental fish, particularly Livebearers, Goldfish, Discus and Angelfish. Gyrodactylids also frequently infest all species of ornamental fish. Fish infested with Gill Fluke show signs of respiratory distress, rapid gill movement, hanging at the surface etc. Fish with Fluke infestation of skin and fins exhibit signs similar to external protozoal infestations such as small red spots on skins and fins and scraping on objects in the aquarium to relieve irritations. Emaciation, inactivity and colour changes occur in chronic sufferers. Flukes can sometimes be seen with the naked eye as tiny pale worms 0.1 to 2mm in length, identification of the particular species is not important as treatment is the same for all flukes. TAPEWORMS (cestodes) are most common in newly imported fish or wild-caught fish. When present, they are found in the intestines, attached to the intestinal wall by means of a scolex, a head-like structure with suckers. Signs of infestation include enlarged abdomen, and ill thrift. View the dog supplies range online.

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