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*This fish is a marine species*

The Angelfish Bicolour suited for the intermediate aquarist. The bicolour angelfish is quite striking with yellow on the front and a royal blue back half. They also have a blue saddle over the eyes. These fish grow up to 15cm (6 inches) and can live up to 10 years.

The Bicolour Angelfish is native to the Indo-pacific from Japan down to Australia.

 Also known as the Two-coloured Angelfish, Blue and Gold Angelfish, & Oriole Angelfish.


Features of Bicolour Angelfish

  • The Bicolour Angelfish has a blue saddle over the eyes
  • Striking bicolour of yellow and royal blue
  • Care Level: Moderate
  • Attractive species due to their colour and the energy they bring to the tank.


Tank Mate Compatibility:

The Bicolour Angelfish is semi-aggressive, generally towards other dwarf marine angelfish and are not suited to reef tanks. It is not recommended to have multiple bicolour angelfish together unless in a large tank and introduced at the same time. Although, other angelfish can be introduced with different colours, shapes and that are larger in size. It is best to keep these fish with live rock and algae rather than corals. They do best with larger tank mates or if they are introduced last.

Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Bicolour Angelfish:

  • Damselfish
  • Large Wrasses
  • Tangs
  • Larger Lionfish



Bicolour Angelfish are omnivores with a typical diet of small crustaceans. Corals, sponges, worms and algae can make up part of their diet. These fish are not picky eaters but best thrive on marine algae and spirulina.




The bicolour Angelfish requires a minimum tank size of 113L, with a large area for swimming. This fish will best thrive in a well-established aquarium (over 6 months). The bicolour Angelfish swims around the middle to bottom of the tank so a longer tank is preferred.

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Bicolour Angelfish prefer water temperatures between 22°C - 27°C.

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Replicate natural conditions with artificial lighting (8-10 hours of light every 24 hours.)

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Filtration & Water Movement:

Bicolour Angelfish require good, filtered water. The filter can multitask as a bubbler for this fish. They are native to saltwater and are very hardy fish so replicating their natural habitat will ensure they have a long-life span.

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As the Bicolour Angelfish enjoy foraging for edibles and algae, it is suggested to have a small rubble area for it do so. Replicate reef habitats and boost biological filtration with coral sand.

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Decorations for Bicolour Angelfish:

This species will thrive in aquarium with lots of rocks and hiding places. The angelfish loves to feel secure so ensure you include some rocks and safe places for this fish to hang out in. By providing live rock, you are able to provide comfort and an additional food source.  This fish can be set up with toxic corals, snails, crabs and large shrimp with no hassles.

The bicolour angelfish tends to nip at soft corals so it is best to avoid these.

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