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Apistogramma Borelli, commonly known as the Umbrella Cichlid, is a freshwater fish found in South America, Native to southern Brazil, Paraguay and northern Argentina. Mature males exhibits stunning yellow and blue colouration. They tends to inhabit slow-moving tributaries and creeks. Happiest in a well planted aquarium.

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Features of Apistogramma Borelli:

  • Mature males feature a yellow to blue/turquoise body
  • This fish is hardy, easy to care for and with plenty of personality
  • It is an excellent candidate for the planted aquarium, but it also needs a fair amount of open space
  • Males are larger with more extended fins and brighter than females
  • Grows to: 5-6.5cm


The Best Aquarium Size for Apistogramma's:

In most cases, they can be kept in both small and large aquariums. We recommend providing a tank size of 60L for mature Apistogramma's. If planning on breeding, a larger aquarium is recommended. 

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Apistogramma Borelli can be kept with a variety of other peaceful fish species. They do well in community fish tanks. It is important to avoid keeping them with aggressive fish though, as they may become stressed or injured.

Great tank mates for Apistogramma's include:



Primarily carnivorous in nature. In the aquarium, live and frozen foods such as Artemia, Daphnia and chironomid larvae (bloodworm) should be offered regularly although most specimens will also learn to accept dried alternatives with pelleted products generally preferred to flake.


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Apistogramma Borelli Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration for Apistogramma Borelli

A good filtration system is necessary as they enjoy clean and clear waters with a slow flow rate. Ensure your filter has an adequate flow rate to effectively remove waste from the aquarium.  

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Aquarium Heater for Apistogramma Borelli

This fish enjoy temperatures between 23-27° C. If you are unable to maintain this temperature naturally, use an aquarium heater. Aquarium heaters also stabilize water temperatures.  A thermometer is recommended to monitor the water temperature.

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Aquarium Lighting for Apistogramma Borelli

Apistogramma Borelli enjoy dimly lit aquariums with lots of shade cover. Replicate natural daylight hours with artificial light between 8-10 hours per day. We recommend LED aquarium lighting with adjustable brightness to ensure the light level can be altered for happy fish.

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Aquarium Plants for Apistogramma Borelli

Live Aquarium plants can provide spaces for female to lay their eggs. They won't harm your plants, therefore, use your creativity to plant out your aquarium. 

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Aquarium Decorations for Apistogramma Borelli

Apistogramma Borelli enjoy plenty of structure for fish to hide and rest when required. Resin ornaments, rock, pots, tubes and driftwood are all good selections.

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Substrate for Apistogramma Borelli

Apistogramma's enjoy sandy or fine gravel substrates. If keeping a planted aquarium, sand and aquarium soils are good choices.

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