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Aquasonic Fry Starter is a nutritious blend of micro sized particles for growth of brine shrimp, egg layer and livebearer fry


Fry Starter is excellent as a first food for newly hatched, it stays in suspension longer than its competitors.It contains a variety of sizes of micro pulverized food particles suitable for both egglayers and livebearers. Feed at least 3 times daily. 

As a first food for fry (baby fish), Fry Starter is a complete food providing nutritional value for the growth of the fry

For Fish Fry;
Newly hatched fry are too small to eat normal fish food so this formulation is has been prepared to provide tiny food particles for them.
The micro particles stay in suspension longer giving the fry a constant supply of food, with a variety ingredients making it suitable for Livebearer and egg layers.
Feed Newly hatched fry 3 to 4 drops as much as 3 times per day, you may need to feed it to them directly .
Due to the micro particle size of the food we recommend turning off filtration/circulation during feeding to give the fry time to feed.
Depending on the aquarium size and fry numbers you need to observe the feeding habits and adjust the amount being fed to suit your particular species of fish. 


Brine shrimp need a nutritious and easy to use food and the ingredients in this formulation provides all the nutrition required to grow and maintain healthy Brine shrimp.

Shrimp, Fish, egg, vitamins and minerals. 

Aquasonic, an Australian company, has been manufacturing quality aquarium products for over 40 years. 

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