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The Albino Black Shark is a large fish and is suited for intermediate aquarists due to their temperament and size. These fish are not sharks, but have a triangular-shaped dorsal fin and a elongated body, giving it a distinctly shark-like appearance. It's body, fins and tail are black with barbels at the mouth. They are albino, meaning they lack pigmentation.

It is found in the Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Java and Borneo in rivers and streams littered with rock and wood for hiding places. It is best kept as a single specimen due to aggression. Black Sharks grow up to 60cm given the right conditions and diet, requiring a large aquarium.

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Features of Albino Black Sharks:

  • A large fish growing up to 60cm in ideal conditions
  • Being albino, lacks pigmentation
  • Unique shark-like appearance with a black body and fins
  • Solitary species best kept as a single specimen


Tank Mate Compatibility:

Black Sharks are best suited as a single specimen due to their aggressive nature but can be kept in aquariums with larger community fish species if care is taken when selecting tank mates. Species selected should have a similar temperament and size, be fast swimmers, and use the mid to upper water column.



Black Sharks are omnivores eating a varied diet of protein rich foods and plant based foods. They will typically eat whatever fits in their mouth, this includes smaller tank mates. They will consume spirulina and algae based wafers and flakes, as well as high-quality live foods, frozen and freeze dried foods will enhance the sharks colour. 

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The Best Aquarium Size for Black Sharks:


Black Sharks grow to be a large fish and require lots of open space to swim. They use the mid to bottom level of the aquarium and are best suited to a longer tank. An aquarium 5ft or larger is recommended. 

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Aquarium Heaters for Black Sharks:

Black Sharks prefer water temperatures between 24  ⁰C - 28  ⁰C. 

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Aquarium Lighting for Black Sharks:

Black Sharks are low maintenance when it comes to lighting and have no particular requirements. Provide 8 hours of lighting per day to replicate daylight hours. 

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Aquarium Filtration for Black Sharks:

As Black Sharks grow into a large fish, increased waste and bio-load must be managed with good filtration via mechanical and biological filtration in the form of external canisters. They are naturally found in rivers and streams with good water flow and quality. Ensure adequate filtration and flow for your Black Sharks.

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Aquarium Substrate for Black Sharks:

Black Sharks will forage for food amongst the substrate. Smooth gravels, pebbles or sands are recommended.

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Decorations for Black Sharks:

The aquarium should have space for swimming but include lots of hiding places in the form of wood, rock or ornaments. In nature they are found hiding in rocky crevices and between driftwood. Black Sharks will consume live plants, plastic plants can be used as an alternative.

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