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Penn Plax Cascade 300 GPH Filter Cartridges with Activated Carbon

These cartridges will improve the quality of your aquarium water and keep your fish healthy. This filter is designed to fit your Cascade 300 GPH hang-on power filter and will last 6 to 12 weeks under normal conditions. Activated carbon is great for freshwater aquarium filtration. It has the ability to not only visually clear the water, but trap pollutants in the pores of the carbon so they do not enter the water. This filter cartridge will remove ammonia, nitrites, odors and other harmful toxins from your aquarium to keep it healthy. It has a poly-fiber floss barrier which screens out particulate matter and debris for an extra layer of protection. Within 24 hours you will see a drastic difference in the water quality. Each filter cartridge is perfectly measured to fit into the Cascade 300 Hang on Filter tray without any gaps preventing debris and contaminants from entering back into the water. This filter cartridge is suitable for both freshwater and environments. When used together, the Cascade 300 GPH Filter Model CPF5 and Cascade 300 filter cartridges provide maximum protection against water pollutants from harming your fish.

Product Features

  • Contains 3 disposable carbon filters
  • Suits Cascade 300 GPH hang-on power filter
  • Suitable for freshwater and saltwater tanks
  • Removes ammonia, nitrites, odors and other harmful toxins
  • Contains activated carbon
  • Has poly-fiber floss barrier screens
  • Lasts 6 - 12 weeks under normal conditions
  • Easily install into interior compartment of your hang on filter

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