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Penn-Plax Cascade Internal Filter 170 Filter Replacement Bio-Sponges

These Bio-Sponges are specifically designed for the Cascade 170 Fully Submersible Internal Filter (CIF4), and serve as a replacement for when it’s time to cycle out filter media. The Bio-Sponges aid with keeping the water inside your tank crystal clean, allowing for a safe and healthy environment.

Product Features

  • Physical & Biological Filtration: This replacement Bio-Sponges optimize the colonization of anaerobic bacteria, along with providing mechanical filtration that traps large particulate matter.
  • 2-Pack: The package contains two Bio-Sponges.
  • Although they are disposable, they can be reused time and time again. Simply clean the Bio-Sponges in a separate container with some of your aquarium’s water. This allows for the colony of anaerobic bacteria to remain intact within the Bio-Sponges.
  • Measurements: 1. 2” (L) x 1. 3” (D) x 1. 6” (H) each. 

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