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Comet Goldfish is an ideal aquarium fish for the beginners, very hardy and suitable for unheated tanks as well as garden ponds. The Comet Goldfish originated in Washington in the 1880s and is now the single most popular Goldfish variety.

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Features of Comet Goldfish:

  • Comet have a singular forked tail with two tips
  • Long back and sleek body designed for fast swimming
  • Comets have much larger, showier fins. A comet’s tail is usually the same length as its body
  • There’s a lot of variety with Comet Goldfish. The most common variants you’ll see are yellow, orange, white, and vibrant red.

The Best Aquarium Size for Comet:

A mature Comet require a standard rectangular tank of at least 100L. You can also start with a 50L tank for a juvenile. Keep in mind that tank size can vary greatly depending on how big or small the goldfish is and how many you plan to stock in the tank. After an Aquarium for your fish? Browse Aquarium Tank Selection here.

Tank Mate Compatibility:

Comet are very peaceful community dwellers. They are schooling fish, it’s best to have at least two. They are easily consumed by bigger fish, which view them as prey. Great tank mates include:

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Comet Feeding :

Packed food like Nutrafin Max Goldfish Sinking Pellets, Vitalis Goldfish Pellets, Fluval Bug Bites Goldfish can give the variety omnivorous fish need. Live insects that sink to the bottom are also good, as are live or frozen goldfish food, and brine shrimp. In Coburg Aquarium online, we stock a variety high quality goldfish food for your choice.

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Comet Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Comet produce a lot of waste. A strong filtration system is absolutely necessary. For tanks, a suitable hang-on back or canister filter will do ( We recommend the Fluval Filters ).Make sure the filter matches your tank size.

Plants for Comet Goldfish

Plants are beneficial in helping to maintain good water quality and adding enrichment to a fish’s diet. Goldfish will eat several types of plants. If you do get plants, Annubus varieties are the best.

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Decorations for Comet Goldfish

Ideal Ornaments for your Goldfish tank:

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Install a safe aquarium lighting system inside so that you can keep an eye on the fancy goldfish when cleaning their messy and feeding them.


Sand is the recommended substrate for Comet Goldfish.

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