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This is a Insect & Arachnid Habitat Substrate 2 Litres by Critters Comfort. Insect & Arachnid habitat substrate making critters feel at home exhibiting native behavior on this all natural coconut coir material. Suitable for most invertebrate species including Katydids, Mantids, Stick Insects, Giant Burrowing Cockroaches and for a variety of Spiders and Scorpions. Use the Jar as a home for your critter. Egg Incubation Optimal to incubate a variety of Phasmid eggs. Excellent for a variety of Terrestrial & Arboreal Species Moisture absorbs through the depth the depth of substrate and it passes the "clump test". All Natural Resists fungal and mold growth. No odor or chemicals. Natural Ability to hold Structure and Moisture Consistent fine textured substrate holds structure and moisture gradients well and easily re-hydrates. Great for Burrowing Species Burrowing species can tunnel and move through this substrate easily.

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