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Chili rasboras are beautiful and tiny schooling rasboras that are great in a nano tank or as part of a larger community tank.This species is peaceful, easy to care for, and gorgeous. They get along well with other fish, as well as invertebrates.  Browse our selection of live fish in Coburg Aquarium.

Features of Dwarf Chilli Rasbora:

  • Chili Rasbora, also known as the Mosquito Rasbora, is one of the smallest tropical fish found in home aquariums
  • Chili Rasbora have a dark stripe along the side of their red bodies
  • They also have small dark spots at the base of the anal and tail fins


The Best Aquarium Size for Dwarf Chilli Rasbora:

A 20L nano tank will house a small school of 4-6 Chilli Rasora. If you want a larger school, or if they are joining a community aquarium, you will need a larger tank. Keep in mind that although these nano fish prefer a dense habitat, they also need room to swim.

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

The Chili Rasbora is a super chill fish and will get along with other peaceful, smaller fish. It also does well with smaller invertebrates like dwarf shrimp. Stay away from aggressive and larger fish that will make Chilli Rasbora as food.

Great tank mates for Rasbora include:

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Feeding :

The fish have tiny mouths that aren’t always capable of getting around common fish foods, so keep things as small as possible. A combination of pellets or flakes, live/frozen food like brine shrimpbloodworms are excellent supplemental foods for your fish.

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Dwarf Chilli Rasbora Fish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Have a filtration system is highly recommended for the fish. This ensures that the tank is efficiently cycled to remove any ammonia and nitrates. Brands like Fluval, Oase, Eheim, Aqua One are all good choice for your tank. 


The fish’s colors seem to intensify when they’re kept in slightly subdued lighting. A modern LED aquarium light with a dimming feature gives you the most flexibility for controlling light levels. A lighting period of 8 to 12 hours is recommended for the Live plants.

Plants for Chilli Rasbora

Make sure you provide your Chili Rasboras with a planted aquarium with floating plants. These conditions will also encourage the best health for these tiny fish.

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Decorations for Rasbora

Chilli Rasboras are small fish. To mimic their natural environment, rock, cove driftwood can be placed in tanks.

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Fine texture sand or gravel is ideal for the nano Chili Rasboras

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Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

Preferred Water Parameters :

Aquarium Set-up Service:

Our design team enables us to create the tank you desire, install your tank where you wish to and provide a maintenance service to ensure everything runs smoothly. We can create almost any aquarium from the small home aquarium to large commercial aquariums for offices, hotels or restaurants. Coburg Aquarium, Australia's leading aquarium shop.

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