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Elodea is a bottle green aquatic plant, also known as oxygen weed, is one of the few truly “true aquatic” plants on the market, meaning that it grows submerged under water throughout all seasons and does not survive out of water. Its fast growing habit means that it is an exceptional nutrient absorber for heavily stocked tanks, however it must be pruned regularly to avoid taking over.

Ensure all trimmings are disposed of responsibly, as it is a problematic weed in waterways. Elodea is a favourite snack for pet turtles.



  • Bottle green leaves in dense whorls
  • Can be kept responsibly in ponds as well as aquariums
  • Source of food for plant eating species
  • Rapid growth rate and nitrate uptake


Scientific Name

Egeria densa 


Easy to keep. Grows readily and rapidly in most freshwater aquariums & ponds.

Water Conditions

  • Temperature 10 - 25 °
  • pH: 6.5 – 7.5
  • Water Hardness: 50 - 300 ppm


Midground to background placement in the aquarium.  It can be used as a floating plant.

Growth Rate

Rapid growth rate and thrives in nutrient rich environments. Elodea bunch plants will utilise nutrients in the water column from fish waste and uptake nitrates.


Elodea requires moderate lighting requirements for healthy bushy growth, but is relatively undemanding.

Additional Information

Live Plant Snapshot

Preferred Water Parameters