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Male Dragon Scale Betta is a breathtaking freshwater fish, native to Southeast Asia. They are known for their metallic scales that reflect the light like a shimmering dragon, creating a stunning effect in any aquarium. Dragon Scale Betta is a relatively new pattern created through selective breeding. This pattern is very popular for its bright metallic coloration. Depending on the fish itself, they can be kept with other peaceful tropical fish.

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Features of Dragon Scale Betta:

  • Strong full-bodied color with body scales resembling those of a lizard or a dragon
  • Its body has a faint color that is easily visible because of the white scales.
  • Around its scales, you will find dark edges
  • They are aggressive and may flare at you or other stimuli

The Best Aquarium Size for Betta Fish:

The ideal sized tank for a betta fish is 15L or larger. However, you could also go with a nano tank as small as 5L. In nature these fish inhabit very weedy habitats and are perfectly adapted to living in small spaces as long as water quality is kept high.

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Betta Fish Tank Mate Compatibility:

Betta fish are known to be fierce fighters, especially towards their own species or species that are similar in appearance, but they can peacefully cohabitate with other fish and invertebrates. Avoid keeping them with fin nipping species.

Great tank mates for Betta include:


Betta Fish Diet :

Betta fish diet should consist primarily of high quality pellets specifically made for feeding Betta fish. A combination of granules, bites or flakes, live frozen food like brine shrimp, and bloodworms are excellent supplemental foods for your fish as well.

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Betta Fish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration for Betta Fish

Betta fish are naturally found in still or slow moving waters. Due to their large fins, they can be pushed around in strong currents. We recommend gentle water flow and filtration. Sponge filters, under gravel filters, and hang on filters are great options if keeping in smaller aquariums. 

Aquarium Heaters for Betta Fish

We use a heater mat for the smaller tanks and bowls. Or for larger aquariums you will need an aquarium heater and a thermometer to monitor temperature. They prefer warm tropical waters and generally require a heater in the winter months in most areas of Australia.

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Aquarium Lighting for Betta Fish

Showcase your betta fish with artificial lighting. A small light above the aquarium that runs during daylight hours will replicate the natural environment. Dimmable lighting options are available which will help manage algae in the aquarium.

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Aquarium Plants for Betta Fish

Live plants are a great idea. Betta fish love lounging on the leaves and hiding in them to sleep. Live plants will also uptake some nitrates in the aquarium, helping remove nitrates and prevent algae.

Some great plants for your betta fish include:

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Aquarium Decorations for Betta Fish

Mimic their natural environment artificial plants, cove driftwood can be placed in tanks. Add character with different aquarium ornaments.

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Aquarium Substrate for Betta Fish

Betta fish do not have particular substrate requirements. Aquarium sand, gravel and pebbles are all good options. Aquarium substrates provide the opportunity for beneficial bacteria to grow on the surface, enhancing a healthy biological filtration in your aquarium. Select an aquarium substrate that best show cases your betta fish.

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Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

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