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Also known as the marble betta, the Koi betta was accidentally bred when trying to breed the first butterfly black betta. Named the koi betta for their resemblance of the Japanese koi fish. This fish is known to change colours as it matures and is perfect for the beginner aquarist to the experience betta enthusiast. 

Depending on the fish itself, they can be kept with other peaceful tropical fish. Betta fish are a labyrinth fish, meaning they have evolved over time to have an addition organ that allows them to breath surface air. 

A golden rule of keeping bettas : Don't put two bettas in the same fish tank unless you are ready for a fish fight. 

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Features of Female Koi Halfmoon Plakat Betta:

  • Koi Betta can come in many different colours and patterns and appear like a koi fish
  • Females are not as bright as males
  • They have a tail that looks like a halfmoon flairing to 180 degrees
  • They are aggressive and may flare at you or other stimuli
  • Male and female bettas can live together in the same tank for a short period of time, only during the breeding period
  • Suitable for nano aquariums
  • Often interactive with their keeper


Additional Information

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