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The Redhump Eartheater ( Geophagus Steindachneri Red hump) is a charming tropcial fish known for "eating" the sustrate of its aquarium. They are originated from Colombia. Red Hump is a mouthbrooder, which will protect their eggs by carrying them in the mouth. Adult males are aggressively teritorial towards rival males. It is best provide the male with three or more females in order to disperse aggression. You could always find Live Fish, Aquarium Plants and Aquarium supplies that you are interested in Coburg Aquarium online store.

Features of Red Hump Eartheater:

  • Only mature males will have red nuchal humps and orange patches on the corners of the mouth
  • A triangular-shaped head, cream to orangish coloring and a metallic bluish green speckling.
  • Sifting through the substrate in searching food
  • The average lifespan is 10 years 

Red Hump Eartheater: Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Red Hump Eartheater:

200L is the minimum tank size you should consider.  Depending on group size, a larger tank may be needed. Browse Aquarium Tank Selection here.

Tank Mate Compatibility:

Red Hump Eartheater love living in large groups. They are generally peaceful and can also compatible with most America cichlids, larger ters and catfish. Possible tank mates includes:

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Red Hump Eartheater Fish Food:

In the aquarium they can be fed a varied diet of good quality pellets, flakes, insects, krill, and artemia. Cichlid Fish Food can be :


Red Hump Eartheater Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

They do fine with moderate water movement and strong efficient filtration. It is better to use an external filter such as a hang-on-the-back type or a canister filter. Here are some great brands to consider:

Aquatic Plants

Red Hump Eartheaters have digging behavior. So live aquarium plants that attach to driftwood and rocks, or potted plants are recommended, like Anubias on Driftwood, Aquarium Plants in pot. Check our Live Aquarium Plants here.


To mimic Red Hump Eartheater's nature inbaitate. Rocks, Tree Roots, Driftwood,  Pipe, and even clay pots are all good choices. Ornaments for your tank:


Sand are ideal substrates. A variety of Substrates are available at Coburg Aquarium.

Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

Preferred Water Parameters :

Aquarium Set-up Service:

Our design team enables us to create the tank you desire, install your tank where you wish to and provide a maintenance service to ensure everything runs smoothly. We can create almost any aquarium from the small home aquarium to large commercial aquariums. Please contact us if you need any custom tank services.