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Gephyrochromis lawsi is a freshwater fish which is endemic to Lake Malawi, South Africa.  In the wide, This species is normally found at deep levels where the steep, rocky coastlines meet sand substrates. They feed mainly on loose aufwuchs. The males will be terrtorial during spawning. Buy Live Fish online with Coburg Aquarium in Australia

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Features of Gephyrochromis lawsi:

  • Male Lawsis have purple with an orange blaze across their back. Females are in brown-gray, and sometimes with a slight purple sheen
  • This fish is a fairly peaceful mbuna and easy to care for
  • This fish is a mouth-brooder


Gephyrochromis lawsi: Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Gephyrochromis lawsi:

Gephyrochromis lawsi requires a minimum of 140L tank. If you are planning on keeping a grouping of them together, you will need a much larger tank .

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Gephyrochromis lawsi Tank Mate Compatibility:

They are relatively peaceful cichlid. And can usually be kept with some non-aggressive haps, or very peaceful mbuna.

Gephyrochromis lawsi Food :

Gephyrochromis lawsis is an carnivorous in wild, but will eat most quality cichlid foods in aquarium. Feed them with commeical algae wafers, blanched vegatables or spirulina flakes. Also do not forgot to provide them meaty foods :

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Gephyrochromis lawsi Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Investing in a high-quality pump can ensure that the water in your take is constantly moving. Powerful filtration systems are a must too. These fish are known to produce a lot of waste. Good brands to take:

Power head Brands:

Aquarium Heater

The aquarium should be heated, depending on your area’s climate. Install an aquarium heater if necessary.

Aquatic Plants

Aquarium plants are a good option to provide them places to hide out.  Buy live Aquarium Plants Online Click Here.

Aquarium Decorations

Fill the tank with plenty of caves, rocks, flat stones, wood and hiding spots to make them feel comfort and safe, and offer them potntial spawning sites. Ideal Ornaments for your tank:

Aquarium Substrate

Cover the bottom of the tank with a thick layer of fine sand.

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