Gold Zebra Danios are a hardy, active aquarium fish. They do best in a school of 6+, and will keep you entertained for hours. They can grow to around 5cm, with females becoming more rounded and generally larger. They swim in all areas of the tank, but tend to prefer the mid-top levels.

Best suited for temperate to tropical tanks (20°c to 25°c). They do well in pH range of 6.5-7.5. 

Danios are generally peaceful, but can become nippy if not kept in a large-enough school.

Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

  • Keeping Difficulty : Beginner
  • Temperament : Peaceful, community fish
  • Max Size : 6cm

Preferred Water Parameters :

  • Water Temperature : 15-25 degrees celsius.
  • pH Level : 6.5-7.5
  • General Hardness : Soft - Moderate (50 - 100ppm)

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