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The Rainbow Shark is also known as a red fin or ruby shark and is very popular in the aquarium hobby. The Golden Rainbow Shark is a colour variation with a light body and bright red fins, also known as an Albino Rainbow Shark. They are generally a hardy species and are suited for intermediate aquarists due to their temperament. These fish are not sharks, yet they have a triangular-shaped dorsal fin and a torpedo-shaped body, giving it a distinctly shark-like appearance.  

They originate from South East Asia and can be kept in a community aquarium although may be semi-aggressive towards tank mates. Rainbow Sharks grow up to 15cm.

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Features of Golden Rainbow Sharks:

  • Grows up to 15cm.
  • Unique shark-like appearance with red to orange fins & a light pinkish white body.
  • Males are more slender with brighter fins and tail.
  • Occupies lower water column in aquariums.
  • Eats algae found in the aquarium.


Tank Mate Compatibility:

Golden Rainbow Sharks are not known to be aggressive towards other fish in their natural habitat however are considered semi-aggressive in the aquarium as they show territorial behaviours. Tanks mates should be selected that dwell near the middle or top of the aquarium, and have the ability to defend themselves if needed. Place other fish in your aquarium first and introduce your rainbow shark last. This makes it less likely that your shark will see the aquarium as his territory. If keeping multiple Golden Rainbow Sharks, it is advisable to keep 5 or more.

Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Golden Rainbow Shark.



Golden Rainbow Sharks are omnivores and their diet is largely plant based. Feed algae and spirulina based flake and wafers as well fresh vegetables such as lettuce, kale, zucchini and cucumber can also be provided. Protein rich foods such as flake foods, pellets, frozen foods, freeze dried, brine shrimp, and any type of worms will readily be accepted. Avoid keeping snails and crustaceans as these may become a snack.

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The Best Aquarium Size for Golden Rainbow Sharks:


Golden Rainbow Sharks are best suited to larger and longer aquariums. They will forage on the bottom level of the aquarium. An aquarium 4ft or larger is recommended. 

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Aquarium Heater for Golden Rainbow Sharks:

Golden Rainbow Sharks originate in warmer waters of South East Asia and prefer stable water temperatures between 24  ⁰C - 27  ⁰C. 

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Aquarium Lighting:

Golden Rainbow Sharks are low maintenance when it comes to lighting and have no particular requirements, however will enjoy consuming algae found in the aquarium with good lighting. Provide 8-10 hours of lighting per day to replicate daylight hours. 

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Aquarium Filtration for Golden Rainbow Sharks:

Golden Rainbow Sharks are naturally found in moderate to fast flowing streams enjoy good water quality and flow. Ensure adequate filtration and flow in your aquarium with good water turn over. They are sensitive to water parameter fluctuations, so ensure keeping a stable and clean aquarium.

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Aquarium Substrate for Golden Rainbow Sharks:

Golden Rainbow Sharks will forage for food in the substrate. Sand and small grade gravels are best suited for the Golden Rainbow Shark and encourages natural behaviours. 

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Aquarium Plants for Golden Rainbow Sharks:

Golden Rainbow Sharks enjoy lots of spaces to hide in including dense planting for cover. This can help reduce aggressive and territorial behaviour. Plant live plants that will anchor roots into the substrate, and plants rooted on urns, driftwood and rock prevent plants being uprooted and provide hiding locations.

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Decorations for Golden Rainbow Sharks:

Golden Rainbow Sharks prefer lots of hiding places, and this can reduce aggression towards tank mates. Provide hiding locations to retreat to with driftwood and ornaments with space to hide. 

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