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The Luminous White Male Guppy is a very popular aquarium fish. The Male Platinum White Guppy is a stunning color variant of the widely recognized and beloved aquarium fish, suitable for both beginners and experienced aquarists. These guppies bring vibrant hues to any tank while maintaining a peaceful demeanor. They are also quite affordable and require minimal effort to care for. Shop Luminous White Male Guppy online from Coburg Aquarium is totally safe, we are delivering you with 100% satisfaction.

Features of Luminous White Male Guppy:

  • They are brightly colored, with silver and white bodies with black and red highlights.
  • They are a peaceful, hardy species, and are easy to care for in a freshwater aquarium
  • They do however feed mainly from the surface of the water
  • They are active swimmers and will often school with other peaceful fish

The Best Aquarium Size for Guppies:

Being small fish, guppies don’t need enormous amounts of room. Three Guppies can be kept in aquariums with the minimum 30L aquarium

Luminous White Male Guppy Tank Mates:

Guppies are peaceful fish and they can stay with other similar size peaceful fish. Some fish like fin nippers, bettas, large and aggressive species should be avoided. Good tank mates are:

Guppy Food:

The guppies are happily eating tropical flake food, live, and frozen goods, like bloodworms. You guppies will also enjoy fozen or live brine shrip, blood worms, mosquito larvae, etc.

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Luminous White Male Guppy Tank Guide:

Heater :

Please install a heater if necessary. The ideal water temperatures should between 22 ⁰C - 28 ⁰C.

Plants for Guppies:

It’s suitable to use many different kinds of plants for guppies and decorations.

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Decorations for Guppies:

Artificial plants can work well. Additionally, you can also choose to use Aquarium Ornaments such as: Kazoo handmade fish decoration, tube and artificial caves.

Substrate :

Gravel, Rocks, Pebbles

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