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The Marble Hatchet fish is an uncommon species native to South America. They are a peaceful species. They dwell at the top of the aquarium and have an unusual deep body, primarily silver with dark marble like patterns across the body. The Marble Hatchet fish is a keen jumper, so ensure your aquarium is well covered.


Features of Marble Hatchet Fish:

  • Deep body with dark brown, olive & black marble markings
  • Females are much the same as males
  • A shy shoaling species that prefer groups of 6 or more
  • Grows up to 9cm in the aquarium


Tank Mate Compatibility:

Peaceful, & a shy species that prefers to occupy the top water column of the aquarium. A suitable community fish for other peaceful small species. Avoid keeping with large aggressive species.

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The Best Aquarium Size Marble Hatchet Fish:

Hatchet Fish are not an overly active species. They will do well in a smaller aquarium. We recommend 75 Litres or more, depending on the size of your shoal. In the wild, they congregate in large schools and are an impressive sight in the aquarium.

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Hatchet fish are carnivores and do not naturally consume vegetable matter. Feed a variety of high protein flakes, granules, and floating pellets, live blackwormsfrozen bloodwormstubifex worms and brine shrimp for the healthiest of Hatchet Fish.

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Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

A good filtration system is necessary for fish to thrive. Hatchet Fish enjoy clean and stable water parameters. Slow currents suit them best. 

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Hatchet Fish prefer temperatures between  24 - 27° C. A Thermometer is recommended to monitor the water temperature.



Hatchet Fish naturally are found in river systems with dark waters that consist heavily of wood, and plants. They prefer a dimly lit aquarium and will be more active in darker water. Replicate their natural environment with dimmable LED lighting.

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Hatchet Fish are not picky about substrate, as they dwell in the top level of the water column. Consider using a darker substrate to minimize light reflection as this species prefers lower levels of lighting in the aquarium.

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Naturally Hatchet Fish occupy river systems filled with driftwood, leaf litter, vegetation and a heavy canopy cover. Driftwood provides much needed tanins and shelter for this shy species, while vegetation replicates their natural environment.  

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Additional Information

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