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Hygrophila is native to Bangladesh, India and China. This particular variety has a light green to white vein running through the leaf with a slightly red stem and new pink growth. Pisces Hygrophilia is a great beginner plant as it grows well in a variety of conditions. It benefits from regular pruning.



  • Bright green leaf with light green to white veins, slightly red stem and pink new growth
  • Adds delicate colour to the aquarium 
  • Grows in a variety on conditions, great beginner plant
  • Creates safe habitat for fish
  • Stem plant and can be propagated from cuttings
  • Fast growth rate, with good nitrate uptake


Family Name



Easy to keep, great for beginners and grows in a variety of conditions.

Water Conditions

  • Temperature: 22 - 26°C
  • pH: 5.0 – 8.0
  • Water Hardness: 70 – 300ppm


Midground to background placement in the aquarium.  Prune to desired height.

Growth Rate

Fast growth rate. Pisces Hygrophila will utilise nutrients in the water column in the form of liquid fertilisation. This plants grows well in most aquarium substrates.


Pisces Hygrophila requires high lighting requirements for healthy bushy growth and to encourage colour in the new growth. Plants will grow rapidly towards the light, ensure to prune regularly to ensure light available for all plants in your aquarium.

Additional Information

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Preferred Water Parameters