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Idealseal MS290 is the ultimate all-round underwater sealant and adhesive offering a durable, flexible, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional sealants, & adhesives.

It is odourless, non-toxic, low V.O.C., free of isocyanates, solvents and silicones. MS290 has excellent adhesion to dry and wet surfaces without the risk of shrinkage or bubbling and will even cure underwater.

Once cured it is paintable and resistant to chemical, fungal and bacterial attack.


Idealseal MS290 is suitable for virtually any application where a sealant, adhesive or filler is required. It will seal and bond; wood, glass, ceramics, concrete, metals including lead, fibreglass, EPDM, butyl rubber, vinyl and most plastics. 


Surfaces must be algae, grease, and dust free. Ensure temperature is above 5°C (for underwater applications ensure water temperature is above 5°C). Cut the cartridge seal and screw on nozzle which should be cut to required size. Gun the sealant firmly into joint ensuring no air is trapped behind. If required place masking tape along joint edges, removing within 5 minutes of application.

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