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Why Aquarium Plants Need CO2:

Carbon is most important for plants during photosynthesis and is essential for vigorous aquatic plant growth.  In nature, aquatic plants receive carbon from several sources found in their enironment. In an enclosed ecosystem like an aquarium, however, there are not enough sources off carbon, especially for a densely planted tank.

Although some CO2 is produced by fish and plant respiration and the decoposition of organics, it is still limited. So, supplemental CO2 helps plants in an aquarium to assimilate the nutrients in the water that surrounds them. If the right amount of CO2 is present with an adequate light supply, then photosynthesis will be more active, allowing the plants to readily absorb more nutrients from the water.

Jungle Plant Care Solutions products make it easy and affordable to provide your aquatic plants with the supplemental carbon they need to grow into lush, green soliage in your planted aquarium.

Properly assembled, the CO2 System for Live Plants provides supplemental carbon that is beneficial to active photosynthesis in your planted aquarium. Just follow the enclosed easy, step-by-step instructions. Once it is in your tank, you wn't even know it is there. All you will see is a beautiful tank full of vigorously growing plants!



1. CO2 Tab Reaction Vial

2. Airline Tubing

3. Airline Plug

4. Airline Tube Connector

5. Suction Cup

6. CO2 Holding Chamber



  • Provides an affordable source of CO2 for Aquatic Plants
  • Increases Carbon Dioxide in water
  • Beneficial to Aquarium Plant Photosynthesis
  • Easy setup and treatment schedule
  • Great for Aquariums up up 150 Litres.

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