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Hardy Loach species, closely related to the Kuhlii loach. Black Kuhli Loahes are helpful cleaner loaches that scavenge on any leftovers and algae at the bottom of your aquarium. They can be valuable in helping you maintain a clean tank.

Features of Black Kuhli Loach:

  • The Kuhli Loach is an long, slender, eel shaped loach
  • Brown/Black color running down their bodies
  • Have little barbels on their snouts
  • They are very peaceful and spend most of their time hiding away

The Best Aquarium Size for Black Kuhli Loach:

You could start with a 30L aquarium for a small group of loaches. This species is very active, so more space in the tank is always best. Plus, a larger tank will allow you to keep more loaches and their tank mates. Usually, the bigger, the better. That will provide ample room to swim and grow.

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

It is highly recommended that these fish are kept in social groups. Also, there are lots of fish that can be mixed with black kuhli loaches. Avoid keeping the loach with highly aggressive fish, goldfish, snails, shrimp. Shrimp and snails will just be a tasty snack for a clown loach.

Great tank mates for Loach include:

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Feeding :

Black Kuhli Loaches will accept most foods in their diet. Any food that you give them must be easy to access at the bottom of the tank. Pellet and flake foods should be quick sinking so that your other fish will not snatch them up before they hit the bottom. Frozne or live micro bloodworms, brine shrimp, Daphnia, and tubifex are good snacks for them. They will also eat any algae that grows along the bottom of your tank. Vegetables (such as spinach and lettuce) make a healthy addition to their diet. Just make sure that they are crushed small enough to fit into their mouth.

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Loach Tank Set-up:

Filtration System :

Don’t forget to create a moderate current as well. You can use the outlet from your filtration system or a dedicated water pump. The current doesn’t have to be super strong, but some steady and constant movement is essential.

Heater :

These bottom dwelling fish come from the warm waters of Southeast Asia. Heater can be used to heated up the tank during winter.

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Substrate :

For your substrate, you can use fine sand littered with smooth pebbles. These are bottom-feeder fish, so avoid any hard gravel that could injure their belly as they scavenge for food.
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Plants for Loaches:

Loaches love a well-decorated tank filled with plants and natural hiding spots.
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Decorations for Loaches:

Decorate the tank with smooth rocks or ornaments without sharp edges or protruding points. Artificial plants can work well. Additionally, you can also choose to use Aquarium Ornaments such as: Kazoo handmade fish decorations, caves, rocks, and maybe even driftwood will create a fun playground for them to swim around.

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