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The spotted leporinus is a torpedo-shaped black spotted yellow fish. Their black spots yellow bodies help individuals blend into the school in wide-open water, confusing their prey. Native to the Amazon River basin in South America, they grow over a foot in length and are keen jumpers given any opportunity. Coburg Aquarium's Live Fish and Aquarium Products shipped to your door in Australia.

Features of Spotted Leporinus:

  • Two prominent front teeth like a rabbit
  • Light yellow/golden colour between black spots
  • Semi-aggressive
  • Torpedo shaped body growing up to 30cm
  • Average Lifespan :5 years


The Best Aquarium Size for Spotted Leporinus:

Due to growing to a larger size of 30cm, we recommend providing a tank size of 250L or larger. The bigger tank is better for the health of your fish. They will occupy the mid to lower water column in the aquarium. Be sure to keep your aquarium securely covered as they are great jumpers.

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Spotted Leporinus are a schooling species and prefer to be in larger schools of their own kind and are known to quarrel amoungst themselves.. They can be kept with other non-aggressive, larger cichlids. Known to be fin nippers, do not keep with long fin, peaceful species. 

Great tank mates for Spotted Leporinus:

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Feeding :

Primarily herbivores in nature. In the aquarium, offer vegetable based flakes, pellets and wafers. Live edible plants such as ambulia, and elodea can be supplied. They will consume snails & shrimp if given the chance.

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Spotted Leporinus Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Fast-moving waters would be consistent with their natural habitat. A strong filtration system is absolutely necessary. Make sure the filter matches with your tank size.

Here are some great ones to consider:

Plants for Spotted Leporinus

Spotted Leporinus will consume plants in the aquarium, however sturdy plants such as Amazon Sword or Anubias may be spared. Interested in Live Plants for your aquariums? Click here to see more Fish Live Plant

Decorations for Spotted Leporinus

Spotted Leporinus are naturally found in rocky water systems with high flowing water. Build up the aquarium with rock, wood and ornamental structure. Ideal ornaments for your Spotted Leporinus tank:

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Spotted Leporinus prefer more subdued lighting. Select dimmable LED lighting for ease of adjustment, and run lighting for 8-10 hours per day to reflect natural day light hours.

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Replicate a natural riverbed with sand or fine gravel. 

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