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  • MANAGE YOUR AIR FLOW: the Penn Plax Lok-Tite Air Control Valves allow you to manage air flow from your air pump to multiple devices in your aquarium. (Air pump and tubing not included.)
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: easy to use air control levels allow you to easily adjust the Valve to provide just the right amount of air for each of your air stones, ornaments, or other aerating accessories.
  • DURABLE PLASTIC: made of tough plastic that will not corrode but will stand up to continuous use.
  • ANTI-SIPHON FEATURE: protects your valuable air pump in the case of a power outage or malfunction.
  • MOUNTS TO YOUR TANK: simply hook on to the back of your aquarium, connect your tubing, adjust the air flow, and you're good to go. (Tubing and air pump not included.)

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