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The Melon Snail is a land snail native to Australia and found in tropical rainforests of Queensland and the Northern Territory. Melon Snails are a nocturnal snail that emerge from the leaf litter, logs and debris on the forest floor during the night. They require damp, humid and warm environments.

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Features of Melon Snail's:

  • Is a member of the Xanthomelon genus
  • Grows up to 4.5cm
  • Golden shell with a light beige to golden brown body & foot
  • Hermaphrodites
  • Lifespan: 5 Years
  • Land snail (This is NOT an aquarium snail)


Melon Snail Care & Diet

The Best Terrarium Size for Melon Snail's:

Melon Snail's require a terrarium at least 10 cm H x 20 cm W x 20 cm L. If keeping greater numbers of Melon snails, a larger terrarium is required.

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Melon Snail Handling

Melon snails are peaceful and harmless snails. They can be handled safely when care is taken. Wash hands prior to handling. Gently pick up snails by their shell and carefully pull off the surface they are on to be sure not to damage the body. They will prefer damp or wet hands. Wash hands after handling.

Melon Snail Food :

Melon snails enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables. They will also consume fish food flakes. 

Melon Snail Enclosure Set-up

Terrarium Substrate:

Melon snails require substrate that holds humidity, moisture and they can burrow in. coco-peat moss and sphagnum moss are great options that also offer natural mold resistant properties. Spray the aquarium daily with water to maintain humidity.

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Terrarium Lighting:

Melon snails are a nocturnal species but do benefit from natural light. The terrarium can be placed in a location that gets a brief amount of natural sunlight. (Only part of the terrarium, not the full amount). Be sure the terrarium does not dry out. For viewing at night, a red light can used.

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Terrarium Heater:

Melon snails enjoy temperatures between 20 - 26 degrees Celsius. They will be more active in warmer temperatures with humidity between 60-70%.

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Terrarium Decorations:

Replicate the forest floor with use of woods, rock & leaf litter. Add some character to an enclosure by using terrarium & aquarium safe ornaments. Avoid sharp objects your snail may catch on.

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Additional Information

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