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Freshwater Mussels are a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts who are looking to add a unique touch to their aquatic environment. These fascinating creatures are a type of bivalve mollusk that can live in freshwater habitats, such as streams, rivers, and lakes. In aquariums,  Freshwater Mussels can help to keep the water clean by filtering out impurities and excess nutrients.

They also serve as a natural food source for certain types of fish and other aquatic animals. Additionally, their shells can add a beautiful and natural aesthetic to the tank, creating a more dynamic and visually interesting underwater landscape.

Please note: avoid the use of copper based treatments if invertebrates/Freshwater Mussels are present in the tank.  


Freshwater Mussel : Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Freshwater Mussel:

A Freshwater Mussel can do well in outside Freshwater mussels are best kept in large outdoor containers, pools, or water gardens. You will need a 40L or larger tank for 2 to 3 small mussels or 1 large mussel.

Freshwater Mussel Food :

Feeding and breathing is accomplished by sucking water and micro-organisms through openings between the shells. The mussel is acting as a living filter. They also enjoy eating sinking algae wafers.

Freshwater Mussel Tank Set-up

Aquatic Plants

Fill the tank with water and add floating plants such as Elodea, Cabomba, or Ceratophyllum. Mussels will uproot bottom-rooted plants, so these are not recommended. You could buy aquriuam plants through Coburg Aquarium Online - Live Aquarium Plants.

Aquarium Lights and Lighting

Lighting system is mainly for the planted aquarium.

Decorations for Freshwater Mussel

Aquarium Ornaments in Freshwater Mussel tank:Kazoo handmade fish decorations,  caves, plastic tunnels, silk plants, rocks, and driftwood.

Substrate for Freshwater Mussel

Sand, Soil, Gravel and round pebbles are all good substrate for the Freshwater Mussel tank

Additional Information

Mussel Keeping Snapshot :

Preferred Water Parameters :