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Our innovative compact aquarium skimmer quickly and effectively removes very fine plant detritus from the water's surface. Naturally, it also eliminates any irritating biofilm, which can even hinder gas exchange, depending on its thickness.

After trimming aquarium plants, the skimmer conveniently captures even the finest plant fragments that are almost impossible to remove with a net. The surface skimmer has also proven to be perfect for combating pesky duckweed - no need for netting, just let the skimmer do its job.

The powerful yet quiet motor is adjustable and so produces a crystal-clear surface at just the right output level. The discreet, compact and modern design of the skimmer lets it fade into the background. The integrated basket is an additional safeguard for your aquarium inhabitants.

The floating ring means it can handle long maintenance intervals without having to top up the water.

Key Features:

  • Removes both biofilms and duckweed
  • Keeps the water's surface clear and clean
  • Long maintenance intervals and added safety for aquarium inhabitants

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