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Ocean Star International, Inc. (O.S.I.) is dedicated to producing a full range of high quality larval shrimp and fish feeds backed by a solid guaranteed. We stress quality in our products because we understand its importance in hatcheries. Only high quality materials are used to promote fast growth and high survival rates. Because fish and shrimp consume our feeds quickly, little feed is left to pollute the water.

Cichild Pellets are a high quality feed acceptable for most types of African and Central/ South American Cichild's. Regular feeding of the high quality food with its high level of color enhancing pigments and high protein content will help ensure an ideal appearance for your fish. All necessary vitamins are added.



  • Small sized floating pellets
  • High Protein for good growth
  • Natural Attractants
  • Contains Spirulina
  • Color-Enhancing Pigments
  • Vitamins Including Stabilized Vitamin C
  • Balanced, Complete Diet



Feed 2-3 times daily. Feed no more than what your fish will consume in 2-4 minutes. Do not overdose.

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