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The Paraguay tetra, also known as the dawn tetra or panda tetra comes from the Rio Paraguay basin in Paraguay and Brazil. 

They are a semi-aggressive species of tetra that should not be kept with other slower moving fish, or fish with large tails and fins. They do best in a large group of their own species.


Features of Paraguay Tetra's:

  • Silver body with black markings on dorsal, caudal fins and eye
  • Two white spots on the tail
  • Shoaling species, prefers to be kept in large groups
  • Energetic and active swimmers 
  • Care level: Beginner
  • Grows up to 4cm

The Best Aquarium Size for Paraguay Tetra's:

The minimum tank size for a small group of Paraguay Tetra is 75L. The Paraguay Tetra will occupy the top to middle water column in the aquarium. They are active swimmers so if keeping in a larger group, opt for a larger aquarium to provide with lots of open swimming space.

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

The Paraguay Tetra does best in larger groups of at least 10 or more of their own species. Naturally they are found in schools within the hundreds. The can be known to be a semi-aggressive species and do best in a single species aquarium. However, with the right conditions, ample space and places to hide, some species can be kept together.

Great tank mates for Paraguay Tetra's include:

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Paraguay Tetra Diet :

Paraguay Tetra's are omnivores that require a high protein diet. It should be a varied diet for optimal health. They will accept flakes and pellets, and their diet should be supplemented with spirulina, blackworms, bloodworms, brine shrimp, and daphnia. 

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African Paraguay Tetra Fish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Use a good aquarium filter that creates good water movement and removes waste and debris. Hang on filters and canister filters are good options. They are a hardy & active species but enjoy stable and clean waters.

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Aquatic Plants for Paraguay Tetra's

The Paraguay Tetra is naturally found in heavily vegetated waters with plenty of driftwood and rock to hide in. It provides shade & spaces to hide to ensure happy fish. Provide plenty of plants to swim, hide and scatter eggs in. We recommend the following aquarium plants:

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Tank Decorations for Paraguay Tetra's

Paraguay Tetra enjoy softer acidic water. The colour of fish are enhanced when conditions are ideal and fish are less stressed. Add driftwood and natural decorations that release tannins to mimic their natural environment. Add character to the aquarium with aquarium ornaments that provide shelter and spaces to hide.

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Substrate for Paraguay Tetra's

Dark coloured substrates enhance the colour of the fish and help lower light levels, reducing stress. If keeping aquarium plants, use an aquarium sand or aquasoil to provide a substrate for your plants to thrive.

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Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

Preferred Water Parameters :

Aquarium Set-up Service:

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