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Penn-Plax Scrubber Pad, a specialized cleaning tool designed exclusively for glass aquarium tanks. This scrubber pad features two separate pads, each with its own unique purpose, ensuring optimal cleaning performance while maintaining the integrity of your glass tank.


Key features of the Penn-Plax Scrubber Pad:

  • Two separated pads: This scrubber pad consists of two distinct cleaning pads, providing versatility and efficiency during your aquarium maintenance routine.

  • Soft sponge pad: The first pad is a soft sponge pad, designed to gently remove debris, algae, and light build-up from the glass surface without causing any harm to your fish or aquarium inhabitants.

  • Scrubber pad: The second pad is a specialized scrubber pad, offering a more abrasive surface to effectively tackle tougher algae, stubborn stains, and grime that may accumulate on the glass. It provides the necessary scrubbing power to restore the clarity and cleanliness of your aquarium.

  • Fish shape design: The Penn-Plax Scrubber Pad is creatively shaped like a fish, adding a touch of aquatic flair to your cleaning regimen.

  • Safe for glass tanks: This scrubber pad is specifically designed for glass aquarium tanks, ensuring a safe and scratch-free cleaning experience.

  • Easy to use: The scrubber pad is designed for easy handling and manoeuvrability, allowing you to reach all corners and angles of your aquarium effortlessly.

  • Durable construction: The Penn-Plax Scrubber Pad is constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.



  1. Always we pad with warm water to aid in cleaning tough stains and stubborn debris.
  2. After use, clean pad with warm water and squeeze dry.
  3. Do not use on clear plastic or acrylic tanks! Please be careful when using on plastic surfaces. Too much pressure may scratch plastic surfaces.

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