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Pisces Enterprises Crickets can be fed to many reptiles, amphibians, fish, and other pets such as turtles and spiders.

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Nutritional Content of Crickets

Crickets are high in protein, essential minerals, calcium, phosphorus and amino acids to ensure healthy pets. 

Benefits of Feeding Crickets to Your Pets

Feeding your lizards, frogs and other pets live crickets encourages natural hunting and feeding behaviours. These natural behaviours provide enrichment and are essential for happy and healthy pets.

How to Feed Crickets To Your Pets

Pisces Enterprises’ live food containers include air vents on all sides to allow for superior ventilation, as well as an easy-open lid for dispensing. Simply open one end of the container and gently tap to release crickets into your pets enclosure or feeding space. 

How To Keep Crickets

Keep your crickets well-nourished until used by feeding fresh fruit and vegetables. Be sure to remove any old food and refresh as required. Your pet will benefit from the nutrients the crickets consume too. This will ensure you give your crickets the best possible lifespan. Store in a warm, dry place ideally away from light to reduce stress.

Inside the container of Pisces Enterprises Crickets, the 100% recycled and food grade insect hide sits atop a patented absorbent sterile wood pulp pad. This pad prevents the use of messy, dusty vermiculite granules which can have a detrimental effect on the health of live insects.

You can choose to keep your crickets in an alternative container such as a Cricket Keeper or Exo Terra Cricket Pen.



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