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Diamond Black Quartz Gravel is the Rolls-Royce in the Aqua Natural range.

Natural Diamond Black Quartz not only looks wonderful but has also been shown to help reduce the build up of algae in the aquarium.
This is partly due to the huge surface area of quartz which offers added space for the establishment of tank cleaning bacteria.

Quartz sparkles underwater due to the many light reflecting facets and looks like diamonds have been added to your tank.

How much substrate to purchase

For a planted tank we suggest approx 5cm depth.

Directions for use

All Aqua Natural substrates have been triple washed, kiln dried and are exceptionally clean.
Simply rince before use.
Spread substrate evenly and fill with water slowly. 
Once the tank is filled start your filter. Any cloudy appearance should clear within a few hours.
For excellent plant growth it is recommended to spread a granule mineral fertiliser as a sub layer before adding the Aqua Natural aquarium substrate.

Aqua Natural is a world leader in both freshwater and marine aquarium substrates, natural decor and other aquarium products.

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