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Developed in Japan, Ranchu are very popular amongst goldfish enthusiasts. Similar to the Lionhead, except the Ranchu's back is rounded downwards towards the tail at the caudal peduncle. Ranchu develop very impressive head growth as they mature. Suitable for indoor tanks and outdoor garden ponds (but provide protection from predators if kept outdoors.) Coburg Aquarium provide Live Fish delivery to your door, 100% safe and secure.

Features of Assorted Ranchu:

  • They have no dorsal fin and instead grow a wen, which is a large head growth
  • A raspberry-shaped wen on top of their heads
  • White and Red/Orange/Black color through the body
  • Peaceful and slow-moving by nature


The Best Aquarium Size for Ranchu:

A minimum tank size of 50L is required for a fully grown. You can also start with a 10L with a small size ranchu. Keep in mind that tank size can vary greatly depending on how big or small the goldfish is and how many you plan to stock in the tank.

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Ranchus are very peaceful community dwellers. The only real challenge is finding fish that won’t bully them and enjoy cooler temperatures as well. Ranchus would be unable to compete for food with slim-bodied goldfish varieties.

Great tank mates for Ranchu include:

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Feeding :

Packed food like Hikari Lionhead pellets, Hikari fancy goldfish pellets can give ranchus the variety omnivorous fish need. Live insects that sink to the bottom are also good, as are live or frozen goldfish food,  brine shrimp and Daphnia, or common water fleas.

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Ranchu Fish Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

filtration system is absolutely necessary. Ranchus are still goldfish and they produce a large amount of biowaste.

Plants for Ranchu

Plants are beneficial in helping to maintain good water quality and adding enrichment to a fish’s diet. Ranchus will most likely consume soft edible plants, however, you can choose thick-leaved plants that are hard to nibble on.

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Decorations for Ranchu

Ideal Ornaments for Ranchus tank:

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Artificial lighting is optional if ranchus can't receive a decent amount of light. Ranchu need a day and night cycle as well, make sure they have an 8 to 12-hour period of darkness to rest.


Sand are ideal for Ranchus

A variety of Substrates are available at Coburg Aquarium. 

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Aquarium Set-up Service:

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