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Red Empress Cichlid is a stunning freshwater fish that can add vibrant color to your aquarium. Red Empress Cichlids are considered a hardy fish, and they will easily adapt to a wider range of water parameters. This makes them an easier fish to keep for beginner aquarium hobbyists. They are relatively docile and will spend their days exploring in the tank. Buy Live Fish online with Coburg Aquarium in Australia

Please Note: Livestock and Live Plants cannot be shipped to WA and TAS due to State Restrictions. All other states are OK.

Features of Albino Red Empress Cichlid:

  • Red Empress Cichlids are mouth brooding fish. The female keeps her eggs in her mouth for their entire gestation period which can last up to 4 weeks
  • Red Empress Cichlids have very sharp fins and each fin also has spiny rays, which could helping these fish ward off predators.
  • They have a slivery colored baby with striking redish-orange markings
  • The Red Empress is found throughout Lake Malawi, Africa
  • The lifespan of this fish: 5-10 years


Albino Red Empress Cichlid: Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Albino Red Empress Cichlid:

Red Empress Cichlids require a large tank. They require a minimum of 280L for just one. If you are planning on keeping a grouping of them together, you will need a much larger tank .

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Albino Red Empress Cichlid Tank Mate Compatibility:

The best tank mates for these fish are other Red empress Cichlids. They will do well in group of one male with three females. Avoid having many male fish in one tank, it could lead to aggression. Other possible tank mates for Albino Red Empress in a large enough tank could be:

Albino Red Empress Cichlid Food :

Red empress cichlids feed on algae and invertebrates that they graze from rock surfaces and sift from the sandy lake floor. You can feed your fish spirulina-based flakes. Protein-rich snacks like krill can be fed periodically Some good commercial food brands for this fish:

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Albino Red Empress Cichlid Tank Setup:

Aquarium Filtration

Investing in a high-quality pump can ensure that the water in your take is constantly moving. Powerful filtration systems are a must too. These fish are known to produce a lot of waste. Good brands to take:

Power head Brands:

Aquarium Heater

The aquarium should be heated, depending on your area’s climate. Install an aquarium heater if necessary.

Aquatic Plants

Aquarium plants are a good option to provide them places to hide out . They aren't prone to digging, so your plants can thrive just fine.  Buy live Aquarium plants Online Click Here

Aquarium Decorations

Fill the tank with plenty of caves, rocks, wood and hiding spots to make them feel comfort and safe, just like their natural habitat. Ideal Ornaments for your tank:

Aquarium Substrate

Cover the bottom of the tank with a thick layer of fine sand.

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