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One of the more popular tetras, Red eye tetra is also a good choice as a beginner fish. Its metallic look, dynamic energy and signature red eye with tis pop of color combine to create n elegant display when kept in a school of six or more.

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Features of Red Eye Tetra:

  • Bright silver body accented by a black tail and red eyes
  • They are peaceful fish and can be kept with other aquarium fish 
  • Relatively larger tetra
  • Care Level : Easy

The Best Aquarium Size for Tetras:

The recommended minimum tank size for the Red Eye Tetras is 35L. These fish are most comfortable when living in big groups, so bigger tanks are always a plus.

You’ll likely need much larger tanks if you’re planning on introducing some tank mates and maybe even more Tetras—usually, the bigger, the better. These fish are active swimmers, so you need to provide plenty of space to prevent overcrowding.

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Redeye tetras are very peaceful; they are best kept in schools of six or more and will claim the mid-portion of the aquarium. Although they are easygoing, they may occasionally nip at the fins of slow-moving, long-finned fish. Redeye tetras are very active in the middle section of the tank and may disturb less active top-dwelling fish. Of course, always avoid larger or more aggressive fish. 

Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Tetras:
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Feeding :

Red Eye Tetras are omnivores. You can feed them fine flake food, small granules, live or frozen brine shrimp, daphnia, tubifex, and frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms. Offer a variety of food, including live foods, to ensure good health. 

Vegetables should be offered regularly to bring out their best colors and appearance. Spinach is a great choice for this fish. This tetra prefers to eat multiple times a day. Offer only what they can consume in three minutes or less with multiple feedings per day.

Red Eye Tetra Tank Set-up:

Heater :

The temperature of your Tetra’s tank should match that of its native environment. Ideal water temperatures sit between at a stable number between 23  ⁰C - 27  ⁰C

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Light :

You can choose to use lighting in your aquarium if that’s what you prefer. Tetras spend most of their time in shaded waters in their natural habitat. To imitate that in captivity, dim lighting would be ideal. LED lights will provide the most customization and allow you to adjust the intensity until you reach the sweet spot.

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Substrate :  

Gravel and Dark Color Substrates.
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Plants for Tetras:

They are accustomed to medium to large plants in their natural habitat and enjoy a well-planted aquarium with some open swimming space. Offering some shade and hiding sports is always a plus.
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Decorations for Tetras:

Artificial plants can work well. Additionally, you can also choose to use Aquarium Ornaments such as: Kazoo handmade fish decorations, caves, rocks, and maybe even driftwood will create a fun playground for them to swim around. Also, you can place silk artificial plants.

Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

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