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Rosy barbs are one of the most popular and readily available freshwater fish for aquarium hobbyists. They are an active fish with a peaceful temperament and bright rosy color. The rosy barb is one of the larger members of the barb species, and it can grow up to six inches in the wild. This fish enjoys company, and if its school is large enough, it will not bother other fish in the aquarium. Rosy barbs make great additions to an aquarium and also do well in ponds in warm weather.

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Features of Rosy Barb's:

  • They are active and peaceful fish and it's one of the hardiest barbs
  • Males have a brighter red coloration as opposed to the females that look more gold or silver than red
  • Rosy barbs natively live in lakes and fast-flowing water in subtropical climates

Rosy Barb : Care, Diet and Tank Mates

The Best Aquarium Size for Rosy Barb:

Always keep a secure lid on your aquarium, as rosy barbs are very good jumpers. Rosy Barbs will need at least 75L tank to contain a small group of them.  If keeping a large group, consider a larger aquarium. 

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Tank Mate Compatibility:

Ideally, keep no fewer than five rosy barbs in an aquarium as they are a shoaling species. Because of their fin-nipping nature, avoid keeping them with slower-moving, long-finned fish.

Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Rosy Barb:


Rosy Barb Diet :

Rosy barbs are omnivores and are accepting of almost any food, they should be given a variety of foods. Feed a quality pelleted or flake food, in addition to live and frozen foods such as brine shrimp, bloodworms. They will also consume vegetable matter. 

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Rosy Barb Tank Set-up:


Aquarium Filtration for Rosy Barbs

Rosy barbs tolerate broad water parameters but prefer stable, clean and moderate flowing water. When selecting an aquarium filter consider the size of your aquarium and ensure adequate volume to maintain clean water. Cannister filters are a great option for medium to large aquariums and aid in maintaining water quality.

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Plants for Rosy Barb:

Rosy barbs will actively swim and investigate amongst the foliage. Live plants are ideal, but avoid getting soft-leaved plants. Rosy barbs are known to be destructive to soft leaf plants. Keep firmer leaf plants such as crypts, anubias, rush, or swords.

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Decorations for Rosy Barb:

Rosy barbs enjoy decorated aquariums with lots of shelter, caves and structure to swim around. Use driftwood and rock for a natural look, or add character to the aquarium with ornaments. 

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Aquarium Lighting for Rosy Barb:

Rosy barbs are not fussy when it comes to lighting and do not have specific requirements. Moderate lighting with some areas of shade to shelter in will keep the Rosy Barb happy. Aquarium lighting is necessary for the photosynthesis required for healthy aquarium plants. 

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Aquarium Substrate for Rosy Barbs

Aquarium gravel, sand and pebbles are all suitable options. If planting live aquarium plants, aquarium soils can be used under a layer of gravel or sand for optimum plant fertilization and growth.

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