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Rummynose Tetras Albino are very popular freshwater fish, looks great in a school, particularly against a darker substrate. Rummynose tetras display a variety of different colors and patterns across their body. This unusual mix of styles makes them stand out in your tank. They’re sensitive to water parameter changes, so a little experience is needed to make sure they stay healthy. View more items online to purchase live fish in Melbourne.

Features of Rummynose Tetra Albino:

  • Red-orange face, and its tail striping is white and transparent
  • Very active and noticeable schooling fish in any aquarium
  • Excellent for inhabiting the top of the aquarium
  • They are peaceful fish and can be kept with other aquarium fish
  • Care Level : Intermediate
  • Average lifespan : 5-6 yrs

The Best Aquarium Size for Tetras:

Rummynose Albino Tetras need at least a 35L tank. Although they are small, they enjoy having plenty of space to shoal and swim. Opt for a larger tank if you are planning to add a few compatible species.
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Tank Mate Compatibility:>

Rummynose Albino Tetras should be kept in groups. Better to keep at least 6 of them in one tank. As peaceful fish, they pair well with other peaceful species. Keep them away from large or aggressive fish. They can get stressed easily and their health will deteriorate as a result. Here’s a list of some of the best tank mates for your Tetras:
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Feeding :

Rummynose Albino Tetras are omnivores. You can feed them fine flake food, small granules, live or frozen brine shrimp, daphnia, tubifex, and frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms. Offer a variety of food, including live foods, to ensure good health.

Rummynose Tetra Tank Set-up:

Heater :

Heater is needed for the tetra if the room temperature is low in winter. Ideal water temperatures sit between at a stable number between 23 ⁰C - 27 ⁰C
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Light :

To imitate that in captivity, dim lighting would be ideal. LED lights will provide the most customization and allow you to adjust the intensity until you reach the sweet spot.
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Substrate :

Gravel and Dark Color Substrates.
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Plants for Tetras:

They are accustomed to medium to large plants in their natural habitat and enjoy a well-planted aquarium with some open swimming space. Offering some shade and hiding sports is always a plus.
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Decorations for Tetras:

Artificial plants can work well. Additionally, you can also choose to use Aquarium Ornaments such as: Kazoo handmade fish decorations, caves, rocks, and maybe even driftwood will create a fun playground for them to swim around. Also, you can place silk artificial plants.

Additional Information

Fish Keeping Snapshot :

Preferred Water Parameters :